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List of FAQ’s

Patient FAQ’S

– What is Autisms?
A serious mental condition or development disorder, present from early child hood. It affects the communication, creates difficulty in having relationships, causes repetitive behavior and challenges in using language and social skills.

– How to find a nearby speech therapist?
Ausy has made it easy. (a) In the menu bar click on the tab “Find nearby Audiologist”; (b) Under category choose “Speech Therapist”; Its all done and that’s how you find a nearby speech therapist in Ausy.

– How to book a house visit?
Click on “Book Now” button under the homepage of Ausy(www.ausyresolutions.com) or go to the URL https://www.ausyresolutions.com/house-visits/   and follow the steps (a) Choose your location (b) Select a service (c) share patient details.

– How to book appointment in Ausy?
In order to book appointment to Ausy Head Office in Chennai, use the appointment form in home page of www.ausyresolutions.com. To book appointments with nearby service providers, go the profile of service provider and you will find an appointment form over there. Fill and submit it. That’s how you book appointments in Ausy.

– How to cancel an appointment?
Appointments booked with service providers listed in Ausy can be cancelled either by calling or emailing our customer support atleast 2 hours prior to the appointment schedule.  Ausy customer support Ph: +91-9840239560, email us @ info@ausyresolutions.com

– Where do we fine videos related to hearing aid maintenance?
You can find videos related to hearing aid maintenance in our Blog section. In order to receive these videos in your handset, whatsapp us at +91-9840239560 and we will send you those clips.

– How to download the consumer’s guide to speech and hearing care?
Go to “Downloads” tab in menu bar. You can find the link for downloading the Consumers guide.

– What are the changes for speech therapy?
Charges for speech therapy might vary compared to a nearby service provider to another. Ausy has no hold on these charges. It is under the sole discretion of service provider to impose charges on service selected by End-Users. To know more we suggest you to read our Terms of Use (https://www.ausyresolutions.com/terms-of-use).

– Is it mandatory to book an appointment before listing a service providers listed in Ausy?
Yes, it is mandatory to book appointment with the service provider. This prevents the end-users/patients from huge waiting hours at service providers’ clinic.

– How does ausy differ from other medical directories?
Ausy is niche directory focusing only on Speech and hearing Pathologies. Access to the website and services provided by Ausy are completely free. Our intention is to support the people with hearing and speech disorders to find a nearby, affordable and promising solution.

What causes hearing loss (acaudio)?
There are several factors that contribute hearing loss. Few of those include aging, exposure to loud noise, medications, infections, hear or ear trauma, congenital (birth) or genetic factors, diseases and many other causes. It also a gradual process that occurs throughout a lifetime.To be noted, 10% of India’s population is suffering from hearing loss where as the penetration of hearing aid as a solution is far less than 1%.

What does an Audiologist do?
Audiologists’ are healthcare professionals who paly vital role in evaluating, diagnosis, treatment and managing hearing loss and other ear related disorders such as tinnitus and vertigo issues. A minimum bachelors degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP) is required to be an audiologist and the same should be accredited by RCI.

What does a Speech Therapist do?
Speech Therapists’ are health care professionals who treat speech and language related pathologies. They treat articulation defects, language fluency problems, voice problems, Autism and many more.

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